Pure Insights
– Barbara Harris
– Admin Manager

My face lit up when I came in this morning and saw the lovely pink and purple bags.    I wanted you to know that I have already allocated 8 of these (which have now been taken) by the PEP team (Personal Education Programme – an educational care plan for young people under the age of 25 with learning disabilities)   They will be very much appreciated.     I will notify our team we have more bags this morning and they will begin to go out to our young people.     They are so well received by people – and again I know I go on about the quality – but the quality of the items are so good.


Once again, big thanks to you and the team from the team at Insight.

– Trish James
– Project Coordinator

Just sending feedback from service users re Christmas packs.

We have put the toiletries in with a diary ( from Soroptimists) and a selection box  - all wrapped up.


“It is the only present I expect to get this Christmas” She cried when she said this.


“I am so excited to get a gift – surprised and touched”


Thanks again.

Stockport Womens Centre
- Debbie Malone
- Volunteer Coordinator 

A woman left a voicemail after receiving a delivered Welcome Pack saying she was blown away by the contents and the acts of kindness of others. She wanted to thank everyone involved and said it had made her day!

Alderley Edge St Philips and St James Foodbank
– The Rev Robin Pye

‘We receive far fewer donations of toiletries and sanitary products ….it has also been a pleasant change to offer people a choice of products rather than having to adopt a ‘you get what you’re given approach’.

From a Foodfriend client;

‘I am so grateful for the tampax – I have been getting by without which is not pleasant.’ ‘…now they (Foodfriend) supply more toiletries which is amazing because they are so expensive. And it is nice to actually feel good about myself.’

– Corina Herhenteris
– Project Manager

‘The work you are doing is so impressive and we have the privilege of seeing what a difference the bags make at first hand.’ ‘We know the women we see absolutely LOVE receiving these… and they are such an asset to the service we provide.’

From A Smartworks client;

‘The lovely toiletries at the bottom of the bag were an exceptional touch, it has been a long time since I treated myself so was overwhelmed with the attention to detail.’

Bideford Community Centre

‘I recieved this message and photo today from a very grateful mum and what sounds like a very happy young lady, however this wouldn’t have been possible without the donations from  @BNToiletryBank THANK YOU’

Manchester Women’s Aid

‘When I fled my abusive partner last month, I left with nothing… For years I have not felt fresh or wanted to look at myself in the mirror…..the Police took me to a Manchester Women’s Aid refuge who gave me a self-contained flat…in there was a gorgeous toiletry bag. That afternoon I spent 2 hours showering, moisturising and pampering myself with all the luxury products that were in the bag. From that afternoon I grew in confidence and am now able to see a future, you have no idea how that bag changed my life.’

Foodfriend Foodbank Wilmslow
– Flo Knowles Foodfriend Project Manager

‘I met Wendy and Lisa in 2018 when they set up Bare Necessities toiletry bank and offered to support and supplement our project. I have seen them work tirelessly once under way to promote their cause and collect and distribute donations to schemes like ours. Our clients have greatly appreciated the essentials like feminine hygiene products, tooth paste, soap and deodorant...some having put up without sanitary wear because they could not afford it, for example.’

Dan Blackman
– Manager Silklife Foodbank

‘Thank you for your very generous donation of collected toiletries to the Silklife Foodbank in Macclesfield. Your kindness allows our team to ensure that every food parcel dispatched is complete and of an excellent quality. Donations such as the one you have made will enable this vital service to grow and continue to help those facing an emergency hunger crisis to be supported meaningfully. Being able to include toiletries supports people in their mental health and wellbeing. We realise the importance at Silklife of including toiletries in our food parcels.’

Wilmslow High School
– Evie Mackay – Student Manager

‘I just wanted to say a huge thank you……all these products will help support a large number of our students whose families struggle to provide these essentials.’

From Staff at Centrepoint Manchester

“Many of the young people who access our services regularly state how just because they are sleeping rough, it doesn’t mean they don’t take pride in their appearance and hygiene. A simple hairbrush does wonders for a person’s pride and confidence in the most difficult times in their lives.”

Clare Holmes
– Emerge Manager Manchester Women’s Aid

‘Last week I finally met Lisa at the Pankhurst delivering the toiletry bags, I actually felt quite overwhelmed when I saw them, they were so big, pretty with everything that a family needs when arriving at refuge.’

Debbie Malone
- Volunteer Coordinator Stockport Women’s Centre

‘Thank you for the amazing Welcome bags….they are so lovely and have been greatly received by our clients. Thank you for your continued support, it’s been a very difficult year but you have managed to help us, help and support the women of Stockport.’