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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you take nearly full or barely used toiletries?

Due to health and safety restrictions, we are unable to accept any products that have been used.  We know this seems wasteful – you may have only squeezed out the smallest amount – but giving a product that has already been used and discarded reinforces the negative.  We believe in restoring dignity by only giving products we would be happy to receive ourselves.


Do you take open packs of tampons & sanitary towels?

Yes, but only if each towel/tampon is individually wrapped within the box.  Many homeless charities hand out handfuls of sanitary products rather than boxes plus we always include a variety of sizes and products in our women’s refuge bags as one size definitely doesn’t fit all.

Do you take open packs of disposable nappies?

Yes.  It’s not unusual for a child to move onto the next size mid packet and so we pass these open bags onto Sure Start Nurseries and foodbanks.

Do you accept aerosols?

Yes.  Although most charities prefer roll-on deodorants and shaving gels, we do supply foodbanks and several youth and community groups where these products are acceptable.

Do you accept make-up?

Absolutely!  There is nothing that boosts confidence more than a luxury item; a dab of lipstick, a spray of perfume or a bit or mascara.  We like to include one of these items in our women’s refuge bags; when you leave your home in literally the clothes you are wearing, and nothing more, the essentials are important for your personal hygiene, but a little treat in there too says somebody cares.  These types of products are also a well received part of our interview bags we supply to Smartworks GM.

Are there any products that you do not accept?              

We do not accept medication of any type.


How do you ensure your products are going to the right people?

We do our homework on the charities we are interested in supporting before we make contact with them to ensure their referral policies are in place. We look for small charities like ourselves, so we can really get to know how they work and the type of people they support; that way we can provide bags of toiletries specific to each individual need and cut down on waste.


Does giving out free products help or compound the problem?

Hardship comes in many forms and at unexpected times.  The loss of a job, the break-up of a relationship, the unexpected death of a parent/carer, all these things can tip our world upside down.  Some people can take life’s challenges in their stride, others can’t and can be dragged under as it becomes a daily struggle to keep afloat.  All we are trying to do is lighten their load during this difficult time by giving them back their dignity.

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