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Sneak a peek - Mother's day

Sneak a peek inside our Bare Necessities Mother’s Day Bags…

: What’s inside?

A; These packs contained a few face products courtesy of our corporate supporter L’Oreal along with donated items

Q: Why did you decide to make up these?

A: One of our charities, the Bideford Centre, reached out to us to ask if we had anything their kids could give to their Mum’s on Mother’s Day. We quickly realised, once we asked our other youth charities, that there was a definite need for children affected by poverty to be able to celebrate and treat their Mum’s but without the resources to do so.

Q: Where do these bags come from?

A: Once again our smashing Fulshaw WI road to the rescue and supplied loads of cute bags in lots of lovely prints, just the right size for some Mum Love!

Q; How many did you give out & who got them?

A: In the end we made 75, they were divided between the Bideford, Cre8, Wilmslow Youth and the Welcome Café.

Q: Will it be a one off?

A: We tend to be led by response and there was a definite BIG thumbs up on this one so no it will be a regular thing, in fact we’ve just been asked if we can come up with anything for Father’s Day so watch this space!

From Gemma Tuson

Wilmslow Youth


‘Thanks so much for the Mother’s Day gift bags, they were very well received.’

Here are some of the messages we received.... from the Mum’s of Wilmslow Youth’s young people

‘Thank you SO much for the Mother’s Day goodie bag. It was a thoughtful thing to do and exciting having so many surprises in a delightful bag. My son enjoyed giving me so many surprises. Thanks again. ‘

‘Thank you so much for my lovely presents. ‘

‘Thank you so much for everything, I really appreciate all your beautiful thoughts!’

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