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Local Children celebrate Prom

As the school year ends, for those taking external exams thoughts turn to the prom. For many children it’s a time of excitement, planning their outfit, the hairstyle, the make-up and wondering what the music and venue will be like.

But for some children it’s not that easy with all the associated expense making it a huge challenge. How will they afford the ticket, the outfit and the make up to be able to get themselves prom ready? That’s where Bare Necessities has lent a helping hand, supplying over 50 prom packs to children across Cheshire East and Greater Manchester. The packs, available with boy or girl essentials, have contained a selection of everything they would need in terms of toiletries, make-up and hair products.

Many of these have been donated by loyal supporters of Bare Necessities into the charity’s collection points. With other items coming from a local corporate supporter Amelia Knight.

Some of the packs were given to the Bideford Community Centre in Wythenshawe for their DresSOS initiative which provides dresses and suits to girls and boys for their prom, free of charge. The Bare Necessities packs added a little something extra to Bideford’s amazing offering.

One of the local schools who received packs for both boys and girls gave us this feedback, “I have been handing the packs out this week. The response from pupils has been incredible! They have been completely overwhelmed by the generosity and have been showing other staff what was in their bag. Apparently, one had hairspray which was a viral TikTok product. The girls in particular have been very emotional and I've had lots of hugs and thanks to pass on to you. Thank you again for helping our pupils, it was amazing to see their happy faces.”

Chair of Bare Necessities, Wendy Hobson, commented, “Whilst the prom packs are complete for this year children in poorer households need toiletries week in, week out, hygiene poverty isn’t just for prom. So, if you can, please donate any unused toiletries, make up or make up accessories into our donation boxes. Locations can be found on the website.

Together we can help ensure all children have the chance to celebrate their achievements and stop hygiene poverty.”

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