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Sneak a peek - Supported living

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Q: What’s inside?

A; All our bags always load up with the basics; it’s the things we all use day-in and day-out. Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste. Then we add some extras like hair gel/styling wax, a comb and that magic pot of Vaseline lip balm, (always punches above its weight!), nail clippers, a flannel and, since Covid, hand sanitiser.

Q: Why do you do these bags?

A: Young adult charities tell us that the period between age 18 and 25 is a pivotal time for vulnerable young people. They may have just left the care system, been homeless or at risk of being so. They could be still living at home, but in a low-income situation reliant on benefits. One wrong decision now can impact the rest of their adult life. Along with guidance and advice, charities like Centrepoint provide accommodation so that young adults have a safe place to live while they get on their feet; we provide them with all the necessary toiletries to enjoy good, personal hygiene to look after themselves and to get out there clean and feeling confident.


Q: What happens when they’ve used all their stuff up?

A: Our bags can be used for something else, maybe for kit or trainers, to store clothes or as a toiletry bag going forward. We continually top up supplies to our charities so that loose products are offered on an ongoing basis.

Q: Which charities get your supported living bags?

A: We work with Pure Innovations and Pure Insight who look after young adults in the Stockport area and Centrepoint, which is based in Manchester.

From Pure Insight

“I actually showed another young person, who came in the office, asked him what he thought of them and the content and if he would use the items - and he said, ‘its nice quality stuff, I normally just buy the cheapest stuff I can get from pound shop’

So, a huge success. We really do appreciate the trouble people and organisations like yourselves go to in order to support this group of people and we are continually overwhelmed by their generosity. The young people we work with often live on the ‘bread line’ and don’t have the essentials, let alone the niceties in their lives.

Once again, Lisa, please accept, on behalf of our young people, a heart-warming big thank you to you and everyone else who has been involved. “

Our kindest regards

On behalf of Pure Insight

Barbara Harris

Admin Manager

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