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Coop Community Fund Update

This week we met up with our local Coop pioneer Tim Hughes and his colleague Libby Moore in connection with Bare Necessities being chosen for the local Coop Community fund.

We are so thrilled to be sharing this space with our friends @ the Guild for Lifelong Learning (Wilmslow Guild) who are also selected. They hold such a special place in our hearts as four years ago, Ali & Paula backed our vision and hosted our very first collection bin at the Guild. We’ve come a long way since that first black plastic dustbin! So if you have a coop membership card please click to log your vote.

Our cause ID is 57208 but a vote for either of us is a vote well cast! And check out the amazing community space @ the Guild for Lifelong Learning it’s available to all, great for coffee with friends, time out with your book or newspaper or a place to hold a meeting.

The Coop Community Fund is open for the next round of applications this month.

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