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Because no-one should have to choose between eating & keeping clean

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We exist because no-one should have to choose between eating and keeping clean

Bare Necessities is a toiletry bank based in South Manchester, founded by two friends,  determined to do something to help local people have equal access to personal hygiene products. We work with local organisations and charities to collect, package and distribute toiletry and hygiene essentials.


Find the nearest donation box

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Alderley Edge St Philips and St James Foodbank
– The Rev Robin Pye

‘We receive far fewer donations of toiletries and sanitary products ….it has also been a pleasant change to offer people a choice of products rather than having to adopt a ‘you get what you’re given approach’.

From a Foodfriend client;

‘I am so grateful for the tampax – I have been getting by without which is not pleasant.’ ‘…now they (Foodfriend) supply more toiletries which is amazing because they are so expensive. And it is nice to actually feel good about myself.’

– Corina Herhenteris
– Project Manager

‘The work you are doing is so impressive and we have the privilege of seeing what a difference the bags make at first hand.’ ‘We know the women we see absolutely LOVE receiving these… and they are such an asset to the service we provide.’


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