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The story so far

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January to March 2022

529 Totes made up and delivered to Bideford Community Centre, Mancheter Womens Aid, Buxton Rd Hostel, Pure Insights, Stockport Women's Centre, Cre8, Emerging Futures hostels, CWA Refuge, Edge 360, the Welcome Cafe,  Wilmslow Youth and the Wythenshawe Academy Trust.

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453 small bags including 82 five days of dignity bags, 175 Mother’s Day packs and 64 Give a Smile packs

Give a smile bags.jpeg

Give a Smile 2022 is up & running with orders for 286 family packs and 271 individual packs of three months’ essential dental hygiene kit headed for our charities in the coming weeks

  • Our wonderful new storage systems are in place and making life around BN HQ even more streamlined

  • 5 fabulous new donation box locations up and running. Click here to see all location

  • 72 Deliveries made to 35 charities

  • Direct Deliveries made to 12 of our larger charities totaling over 500 shampoo, 500 Conditioner, 500 Deodorant, 440 packs of Toothpaste, 380 packs of 3 Toothbrushes, 120 packs of disposable razors and 120 tins of shaving foam

  • Supported charities in Crewe for the first time, providing a direct delivery consisting of over 430 Shampoo, 280 Conditioner, 570 Deodorant, 480 packs of Toothpaste, 240 packs of 3 Toothbrushes, 96 packs of disposable razors, 216 tins of shaving foam and 280 tins of lip balm

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